22 Jul

The first step of a successful software project will begin with a discovery phase. You must be wondering what happens in the discovery phase. Let’s unfold this for you. The Discovery phase comprises setting business goals, defining the scope of the project, understanding constraints, and at last how to reach success.  

However, in many projects, the discovery phase is often neglected. This may happen to save money and time. The proper implementation of the discovery phase will help in development and overspending. Therefore, it is vital to hire Drupal developers who are well-versed with the business requirements and execute the business with detailed analysis. In this blog, we will light on why the discovery phase is essential and some of the successful Drupal-based software projects.

Why discovery is essential for the success of a project?

It is obvious that if the requirements of the software project are identified earlier, it may save a lot of time and money. The project may be completed within time and the budget will also not exceed. The deliverable is done according to the specifications of the user and also meets the tech requirements. 

However, if the discovery phase is ignored, the project may consume more time. This may happen due to the fixing of the bugs and errors arising in the project. The overall cost will also increase and will create a fuss in the project. 

You can choose to go with the discovery phase by keeping in mind the following points:

  • You must have a vision that would serve best for your customers. The assumptions must be done by analyzing completely the requirements of the end-users. 
  • You must choose the Drupal discovery phase. It will include the limitations, goals, success measures, and everything about the project cycle. 
  • The development phase is mainly concerned with the detailed planning of your project. This will help you reduce the risks involved in the project.   

Drupal-Based Software Projects

Drupal is popular for its extensibility and versatility. In this section, you will get the know-how of two of the software projects that are on Drupal.

CiviCRM: The popularity of the CiviCRM can be guessed by its enormous use. You will be surprised to know that more than 10,000 organizations are using CiviCRM and that too daily. It provides diverse benefits such as: 

  • Provides a free and open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution
  • Serve the requirements of industries such as non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and civic sector organizations. 
  • The CRM manages information across members, subscribers, and other seekers of the organization. 

RedHen CRM: One of the ideal choices for non-profit organizations. It happens to manage all the information relating to contacts, and relationships between organizations and their contacts. This CRM helps to maintain a smooth flow and its integration with Salesforce enhances its functionality. It also allows customizing the CRM data as per your requirements. 

Key Take Aways:

Drupal is gaining popularity owing to its use, flexibility, and extensibility. The discovery phase in Drupal is important to avoid any confusion in the deliverables. 

  • The drupal discovery phase saves a lot of time and does not increase the budget constraints in the project.
  • CiviCRM, RedHen CRM, and FarmOS are some of the most popular Drupal-based software projects.
  • All the software allows the users to create a solution that is based according to their requirements. 
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