22 Sep

Drupal is the safest CMS. Everything was done to reduce security risks and make Drupal a dependable CMS. One reason for this is the frequent Drupal core updates, which improve site security. There is no need to explain the importance of protecting your website and how to do so. It is obvious why you should invest in cybersecurity, as a hacked site can be extremely costly to your business.

Protection from severe cyber attacks
Drupal support and maintenance include cyber-attack protection. They are regarded as the primary threats to site security. What makes this phenomenon so perilous? Your website may be exposed, altered, or destroyed. Swindlers can steal personal information, post offensive content, or redirect users. You don't want to deal with it, do you?

The most important thing is to encrypt your data. You should also update the versions of the modules and the core. A regular audit of your site's performance and security vulnerabilities may also be beneficial. You can also see if your website has been hacked.

Virus protection
How can viruses affect your website? First and foremost, it could be due to a weak admin panel password. Furthermore, using a low-cost hosting support service is risky. You may infect your site by downloading modules and plugins from dubious websites. A lack of regular updates, as well as the use of an old version of the CMS, creates a vulnerability for viruses.

What exactly is backup? It is an excellent method of safeguarding your data in the event of a server failure or a hacker attack. The backup not only saves databases but also copies of articles, pages, media files, and so on daily. Even though it is considered a basic safety measure, many website owners ignore it.

Stability factor for Drupal maintenance & support 
Don't let bugs or slow site loading time cost you a conversion. The site's stability is critical because when your site fails to function properly, you lose your audience and, as a result, your money.

Bug fixes
Even minor errors can detract from the overall impression of your site. Correct operation is critical. The first and most important step is to ensure that your website is operational. Appreciate your customers — don't let flaws ruin your reputation!

Site Recovery
Assume you accidentally deleted your public HTML folder and are unsure what to do. In this case, Drupal Maintenance & Support is required. Even if you were unable to restore your data through a provider, we can try to find solutions.
For example, if you have our maintenance and support services, our developers will almost certainly keep your site's backups locally.

Work of servers
Many aspects of site success are dependent on how well your service works. Constant downtime or a long response time, for example, may stymie site conversion and discourage visitors from visiting it.
Maintenance and support are required to prevent server crashes or simply to improve its work site. Our services can help you with server status monitoring, connection checking, and running ping tests.

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